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Sovaldi precautions

There are some things to do preceding the treatment with Sovaldi. They include the consultation with a doctor about other medicines you are using and other health problems you are having.

It is necessary to inform your doctor about your medical history and other existing health problems and medicines you are taking. This will help to identify if Sovaldi is safe and suitable for you and to avoid drug interactions.

Thereby before the treatment with Sovaldi you should make a list of all medicines which you take. This list should contain all the prescription and non-prescription medicines, herbal products, vitamins and food supplements.

The other medicines may affect Sovaldi, as well as Sovaldi may affect other medicines. Especially this concerns the following drugs: amiodarone (under the brands Cordarone, Nexterone, Pacerone), rifampin (under the brands Rifadin, Rifamate, Rifater), St. John’s wort or a product that contains St. John’s wort.

Sovaldi should not be used with the medicine Harvoni, which is another brand containing sofosbuvir component.

The proper treatment with Sovaldi means that you take it in the way it is not affected by other drugs, alcohol or foods. Besides, correct intake involves using the right dosage as often as your doctor recommends you to do.

Other things to be alert about are: serious liver problems like infections, liver transplant, serious kidney impairment, and dialysis. It is important to inform your medical practitioner about all the infections you have including herpes, or STDs, HIV.

Pregnant women or those, who intent to have a child, breastfeeding women must tell their doctor about their condition. Sovaldi is not used in pregnant women. The medicine can pass into breast milk and bring harm to a baby.

If a serious adverse reaction occurs in a patient taking Sovaldi in combination with other medicines, then the cause of this reaction should be determined. The Sovaldi treatment can be discontinued if one or more other drugs from the combined treatment are stopped.

To start the treatment one can only after a doctor’s approval. The dose alteration may be needed.

There are no obvious data about Sovaldi’s ability to be used as a preventative measure against hepatitis C infection. So, sexual partners should use sure means of protection against infection such as condom to prevent the spread of the infection of the other person.

Sovaldi should be used only in those for whom it has been prescribed. Other people must not use it. The medicine should be stored away from others, especially from children and pets.

For more information about this medicine you can address your general practitioner. If you have concerns or questions about Sovaldi, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Sovaldi precautions