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Common side effects of Sofosbuvir

The innovation in medical treatment of chronic hepatitis C, Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) is accepted and authorized as the standard therapy for the hepatitis C infections of all genotypes in men and women.

The single dose of this medicine per day along with other medicines (ribavirin and/ or peginterferon alfa provide the distinct and significant improvement in the treatment of hepatitis C infection.

Sovaldi is required as the first-line therapy and is considered as a part of a combined program of treatment against very dangerous health disease. Reap the benefits of the treatment with Sofosbuvir and get rid of hepatitis C once and for all.

Sovaldi and ribavirin and peginterferon alfa work together to fight the virus and produce great results of recovery. Clinical trials of these medicines have shown great success rates in different genotypes of hepatitis C.

The program of treatment demands from a person to take two to more medicines together. It is necessary to increase the effect and make the treatment stronger and more beneficial for a patient.

Sometimes it happens that side effects due to one or the other medicine occur during the treatment.

If Sofosbuvir is prescribed with ribavirin the most common side effects observed are: tiredness, headaches.

The triple treatment program, when Sofosbuvir is combined with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin, can cause nausea, insomnia, low red blood cell count.

Serious side effects such as allergic reactions and dangerous health states are also possible, though rare. If you experience any bothering or worrying side effect, inform your doctor. Some patients need to stop the treatment and wait until their body is ready for the treatment.

If one medicine from the program is discontinued due to the side effects, others should also be discontinued.

In patients with severe or acute conditions of the kidneys or liver, the use of Sovaldi with other medicines is not recommended.

During the treatment with Sovaldi and ribavirin, certain other medications should not be consumed. This includes: Amiodarone and certain other antiviral medicines.

At the first symptoms of bradycardia related to Sovaldi use with other antiviral drugs, a patient should immediately call a doctor.

Patients usually do not stop the treatment with Sovaldi and other combined medicines. The toleration is commonly good and the side effects are minor. So, the discontinuation of the treatment happens rarely and only in cases of very serious adverse effects.

People who took part in the trials reported mostly the feeling of nausea and fatigue. Others suffered from minor headaches. If your doctor prescribes you the treatment for hepatitis C including Sovaldi, be watchful for any negative effects and in case of severe effects occurring, call your doctor right away.

Common side effects of Sofosbuvir